Bridge Finance offers you Payday loans that are short-term loans taken to tie up urgent financial needs that cannot wait until payday. These are usually small amounts needed in a case of an emergency, such as unexpected medical bills, urgent family financial need or any other unexpected expenses that might occur during the month. As such expenses are usually not budgeted for, you may find yourself without the necessary funds and in a position where you cannot wait until your next payday, as these funds need to be paid immediately.   This is when Bridge Finance can help you with payday loans that you can borrow and repay when you receive your next salary.

The advantage of payday loans is that it allows you to meet small, unexpected expenses without burdening yourself with a long-term commitment. That said, we at Bridge Finance are humbled to to help you solve your urgent and immediate financial needs.

Bridge Finance has been in the Industry for more that 20 years. We serve more that 6000 clients.

At Bridge Finance we believe in helping our clients with dignity and respect. Our company is registered with NCR and MFSA.

NCR, MFSA, Altech Nupay,Compuscan.

Who can apply?
Any South African citizen who is permanently employed and has a salary that is transferred into a debitable bank account can apply for a loan.

How do I apply?
The process of applying for a loan from Bridge Fiance couldn’t be easier! Please download and fill in email or fax the application form and attach the following documents.

(Documents can be supplied at a later stage.)

  • A copy of your South African ID

  • Your latest pay slip

  • Last three month’s bank statements

We will conduct a credit check on your details and will inform you of the results. We encourage you, when entering and submitting your information, to be as accurate as possible to prevent delays in processining.
What happens next?
As soon as the above documents are received, the following process will begin

A credit assessment will be conducted to determine your approved credit limit from R100.00 upwards and we will share these results with you. Should you accept our terms and conditions, Bridge Finance will send you the necessary document.

You will have to sign some of the documents and send them back to us via fax or email. Once these have been received, we will activate your card and load it with your approved amount.

On your payday, Bridge Finance will debit your bank account for the amount you owe, via a debit order.